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Monthly Archives: June 2011


The idea for this series came from patterns in nature.   (I found this shell already empty of its former inhabitant).

These prints were created using the image-on process, using a combination of photography and film development with more traditional printmaking processes.  Each print is unique.

This Pin Oak is in Powhatan county Virginia.  It is incredibly old and truly grand.  This is a one pull, one color print.  I made five.

Oil on canvas

This is a scene in Nottoway county Virginia.

This print came out of an artist inspired project.  I was interested in Salvador Dali’s incorporation of elongated forms as well as his color choices.  My print is two pulls, one being a blended roll and one being black.

This print stemmed from a print exchange themed “Apocalypse.”  It is a three pull and three color print, with the white areas being from the paper or matrix.  I made fifteen of these.