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I created this site to show some of the art I have produced.  I enjoy painting and drawing.  My subjects often include surf art, landscapes, architecture, marine life and anything that provides a challenge.  While I have painted and drawn for many years, I am now formally studying it.  I live in Virginia now having recently moved from Florida.  In addition to drawing and painting, I go for the occasional surf and play guitar and tennis.  I have also started a massive garden which keeps me busy.  If you have questions please email me at or leave a comment.  Click on archives on this wordpress site to see all posted works.  While some of these works have been sold, others are still for sale and I also do commission work.



  1. I love your art Kristen. Is it for sale?If so ,How much is the cuban piece?
    Aunt Cathy

    • Hello, pretty much everything is for sale unless it of course has been sold or is a study. The piece you asked about, I believe the cubist piece or Wine and Skulls was on sale for $150 at the art show so I feel it to be only fair to keep it at that

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Some of these are VERY good. I did not know that you had a Les Paul!!

    I notice that the Aquarium is listed as sold. It is an excellent work. How do you sell these? Just through display or can you purchase originals from the web?

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hey Ken, glad you like the work. I have sold some works at shows and shops. I have also done commissions. People are welcome to contact me through this website or email to discuss a piece further.

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